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WE matter who is close to us and to our families. We wish to be close to us only reliable people who can be trusted.

    Наши люди WE:

  • Наш Человек стремится создавать то, что улучшает жизнь людей

  • Наш Человек в общении с окружением честен и справедлив, порядочен и верен

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  • Наш Человек живет полной жизнью: любимая семья, достойное окружение, любимое дело, интересное хобби

  • Наш Человек всегда идет вперед и развивается

  • Наш Человек неравнодушен и готов вместе с нами создавать добрые дела

Recommend an inspiring person

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Murat Sarsenov, 38, Atyrau
An international company’s emergency work supervisor


On the starting point

The club was founded by a group of friends united by the idea of ​​brotherhood. Mutual assistance is crucial for us, as today that is the thing we really need.

The group was founded on March 2, 2012. That was when six guys decided to create their own motor club.

We got crazy about the motorcycling in different ways: someone fell in love with it while being a child, whereas someone got into it being an adult. A motorcycle unites people, and time shows whether they can get along.

On the development

Today we have many new members. Someone came, someone left. Someone was asked to leave, as different things happened, though we’re all still on friendly terms. At the moment, being the largest motor club in Kazakhstan, we have almost hundred members in the club.


We opened a branch in Aktobe in 2015, in 2016 we launched a branch in Uralsk and in 2017 we started a branch in Aksai. This was not a spontaneous decision since we’d always been in good terms with them. Having opened branches there, we really turned into the brothers. So today we have 4 branches in 3 cities of our country, which was not easy to arrange.


Sometimes we’re offered to become brothers with some guys from other regions but those whom we do not properly know cannot be accepted in the club.

On activity

Meetings are compulsory, there we discuss future plans: long-term plans, season openings, birthdays, events.

We need some fun today, so the motorcycle community makes it for people. The most fruitful activity was in 2016, when we organized 17 events in Atyrau including New Year and the Independence Day.

The opening of the season is a big holiday for any motorcyclist

The opening of the season implies the moment a motorcyclist can get out of the winter's hibernation and show his iron horse. Passing a column of 40-50 people at the season’ openings and closings, we make participants and spectators feel great. The townspeople do positively greet us.


We ride out in February if the roads are dry. The winter isn’t very snowy in Atyrau, so the roads are clean by the end of winter, but in March there’re many rains. We start riding since the middle of April and open the season by the end of the month in Uralsk, Aktobe, Aksay. We try to attend all the events, but we don’t always cope with it.

We’ve been participating in the "Menin elim" race since 2014

We make a circle around Kazakhstan riding into the largest cities of the country such as Aktobe, Uralsk, Kostanay, Astana, Pavlodar, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Taldykorgan, Almaty, Shymkent, Taraz, Kyzylorda.

After making a circle we return home. I want the Beyneu-Bozoi highway opened, so that we could make a bigger circle by calling on Aktau. In 2015 our friend from Aktau joined us and was glad to travel with like-minded people for 11 thousand kilometers across the country.

Usturt expediziyasy.jpg

We got sad by the end of the season, in the late October. We organize a motorcade including all the city motorcyclists.

On participants

We do appreciate people sincerely commited to the idea of ​​brotherhood

People’s social status or financial capabilities aren’t important for us. Engineers, welders, drivers and financial advisers of the foreign companies annually join us. Our club is a part of Kazakhstan society. We accept all the people at the age of majority except alcohol and drug addicts.

Traditionally, motor clubs do not accept girls and women, but there’s female motor club called Iron maiden. We call them "sister’s motor club". We helped them develop and get on well with them today. Their representatives are in all cities, so anyone can apply to them.

On plans

At the moment there’re two more MCs in Kazakhstan: Custom Sound in Almaty and R19 in Kostanay whom we get on well with too.

Actually, we aren’t striving to expand the club.

Our club is open and we’ve got accounts in social networks. Our subscribers and those interested in our job are aware of the activities we do. We share all the news in Instagram and VKontakte, so there you can find out seasons opening dates.