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Recommend an inspiring person

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Sharmanov Turegeldy, 87 years old, hometown — Ulytau, "Kazakh Academy of Nutrition" LLP president


We produce yoghurt, ice cream, chocolate and baby food based on mare's milk. All these products are absolutely different from their analogues, which are traditionally made of cow's milk. Firstly, there is no sugar causing children and adults diabetes. Secondly, the mare's milk is delicate, it cannot be boiled and pasteurized, therefore, it retains useful properties. Milk is well digested and protects from diabetes, obesity and other diseases. It contains vitamin C, lysozyme, saturated fatty acids.

Mare milk dairy is a new concept, previously only koumiss was produced from mare's milk. We launched a new special factory project "Ulytau", where we produce absolutely new products named traditionally, yet fundamentally differing in the absence of sugar and fats. Our products are unique, they’re based on a special drying technology. Such technology allows to produce many different types of products, both for children and adults. Our products are not inferior to others in taste.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-09 at 16.26.23.jpeg

We’ve been distributing our products for 2 years. People like them, chocolate and ice cream especially. Now we are making a class of products, so-called polyfunctional products on a low molecular basis with additional immunoassay characteristics and additional vitamins. Mare milk is unique, it allows to make low-molecular products. We are to create a new class of safe products for children and adults.

Azamat Nurgozhin, 42 years old, hometown — Tselinograd, Bambino trademark founder


Ice cream is made from various products: from apples to wine, if the equipment’ suitable, of course. We tried to make ice cream with different tastes, when the Italians arrived, they studied our local culture. They like lemon ice cream, while in Kazakhstan it is not popular. So we started looking for something special. For our guests koumiss was a new, unfamiliar product. They offered to do research on it, make special laboratory analyzes, examine the content, the fat content, sugar, and deduce a certain formula to make an ice cream. Several experiments were conducted, and in the end we made koumiss ice cream.

At the beginning we had many orders from high-ranking officials, deputies. People who drink koumiss, appreciated our ice cream. It turned out to be such an exotic product. We don’t work with dyes and flavors, so proteins are natural. Our aim isn’t to heal people with ice cream, but to make them feel good. It has sweetness, but with sourness, like koumiss. Having guests at home I like to serve them with koumiss ice cream for dessert.


Today our koumiss ice cream is demanded greatly, therefore the equipment is overloaded. We can afford to produce koumiss ice cream in the winter, though it's difficult to find good koumiss. And in the summer there is enough koumiss, yet the equipment overworks. Therefore, we choose certain days before big holidays and store a stock of ice cream from koumiss for future use. For example, we make creamy and chocolate ice cream every day, make orange ice cream every other day, and koumiss ice cream - once a week. Now we plan to produce koumiss ice cream with home delivery.

Kalimova Nurgiz, 22 years old, hometown — Pavlodar, KoumIce project co-founder


In 2015 I and Askhat decided to participate in "Business and Education” contest held in Pavlodar State University. We started thinking on what kind of products to present, and decided to make ice cream from koumiss. The idea development took about two weeks. After we won the contest we started getting prepared to food production. In 2016 we participated "How to feed Kazakhstan" contest organized by Raimbek company. We passed the qualifying round and took the 1st place among 27 universities in Kazakhstan and won one million tenge. Also, we represented Kazakhstan in competition in Canada. During this period we launched our business, sales were rising. After Canada, we got tightly engaged in this. Ice cream is made of koumiss. We have our own raw products, equipment; at the moment we have three flavors: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. We work together: I'm a livestock technologist by education, that's why I deal with business in technology, and my partner is responsible for the business part, he deals with bills, contracts.

The peculiarity of our ice cream is that it is made from koumiss. Now many children do not drink koumiss, but we have focused on useful properties for the younger generation, so that it is eaten by both children and adults. Ice cream is loved by everyone. Our product is completely natural, we do not use dyes, flavors, food additives and fillers. Our ice cream can be stored for up to a month if the conditions are met.

кумайс (3).jpeg

Of course, we had difficulties, like everyone else. For example, there were difficulties with the koumiss supply, we could not find a permanent supplier. Koumiss must be natural, not diluted with water. And some suppliers add water to koumiss in order to increase the volume of the product. But in the end we could find a good supplier, now we use koumiss from Bayanaul.

Koumiss ice cream is very popular. Every day we have three or four orders made for the whole family. About 50-60 orders can be issued per week. Now shop ice cream is mostly unnatural, with various additives and stored for a long time, it affects health badly. And now people have the opportunity to buy natural ice cream, which makes both child and parents happy.

кумайс (2).jpeg

We’re planning to distribute our product in other regions, at the moment we are selling the product in Pavlodar only. We are going to move to Almaty and develop our business there.